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Office Snax Candy Tubs and Suckers
Designed for sharing.  Resealable tubs.  Perfect for meetings and/or welcome candy!
Office Snax Coffee
Available in cans or packets. Start your day off right!
Office Snax Condiments
Sugar and Non-Dairy Creamer Canisters, Packets and Stir Stix.
Office Snax Royal Dansk Cookies & Wafers
High quality cookies and wafers.  Great for sharing!  No preservatives or coloring added.
Don't forget man's best friend! Perfect for your banking & drive-thru customers and dog friendly offices.
Office Snax Nuts
Office Snax gourmet-quality nuts promote good health.
Office Snax Oatmeal
Made from whole rolled oats, cinnamon & maple syrup. Kosher, Gluten-Free and made in the USA. 24 bowls/case).
Office Snax Popcorn
Great-tasting microwavable popcorn. Perfect Afternoon snack! Just pop & go! 24 packs per box.
Office Snax Pretzels
Nuggest Style "Gems" Sourdough Pretzels, Giant "Dutch" Twist Sourdough Pretzels, and more.
Office Snax Suckers
Resealable tubs/cartons maintains freshness. Individually wrapped assortment.
Office Snax Sugar Free
Not everyone can enjoy the sugar. Click here for great-tasting, sugar-free candy and mints.
Office Snax Sweeteners
Splenda® -
   100 packets/box.
Sweet'N Low®
   400 packets/box
Equal® 100 packets/box 
Four Fresh Flavors:
   Spinach & Kale
   Red Peppers
   Sweet Onions
Office Snax V8 & Splash
100% vegetable juice.
1/2 the calories of orange juice, 14g of carbohydrates.
[12-16-oz. bottles.case.]
Office Snax Water
Stay hydrated. 100% pure natural spring water. Bottled at Seneca Springs, West Seneca, New York.